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The Rowing Course

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In this Online Course

You learn how to row efficiently on the c2 erg to crush your workouts while feeling less exhausted


This course is for you if:

  • rowing in a workout slows you down or totally exhausts you.
  • you dread rowing in a workout because it is so hard.
  • you like rowing or are quite good at it but feel that you could do even better with a more efficient rowing technique.

This is an interactive 10 week course with two rowing sessions of 20-30 minutes per week. Each session comes with a detailed description of what to focus on and/or an instructional video. I invite you to send me a video from each session for review. The more feedback you get, the faster your rowing technique will improve.


Personal Support

Yes, it’s an online course but you still get my full personal support by sending me videos of each of your rowing sessions for review and individual feedback.

20 lessons over the course of 10 weeks

Each lesson takes app. 20-30 minutes. You get a detailed description of each lesson, including demo videos for skills and drills.

Your personal membership page

Instant access to the course material and ongoing lessons with all information in one place. Easy to find – easy to use.

Is this for me?

You might ask yourself “Do I really need this course? After all, I have been rowing on the erg for quite a while now.”

True. But efficient rowing makes a huge difference. In this course you will learn to row faster while putting in less effort. Give it a try!

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