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The Healthy Menopause Course

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In this Online Course

I help exhausted women ages 42 – 58 lose weight, improve their wellbeing, and regain their energy so they can thrive in all aspects of their life.

My approach to sustainable weight loss is different because it’s designed to work with, instead of against, the hormonal changes women experience during this stage of life and how these affect their dietary, exercise, and recovery needs.

Unlike other one-size-fits-all weight loss plans that require 100% adherence to complicated rules, hardcore exercise, and boring food, you’ll lose weight and regain your energy in a way that feels natural and easy.


Personal Support

Yes, it’s an online course but you still get my full personal support in weekly live sessions and our private Facebook course group.

Relevant Information

There is unlimited information about Health, Nutrition and Exercise during all stages of Menopause on the Internet and on Social Media. I help you to find out what is relevant and what works for you.

Helpful Resources

Delivered directly to your course page in a way that is time-saving and easy to digest.

Plenty of new things to try

Recipes, exercises, recovery strategies, and many more. Find out what you like, discover what works best for you, and have fun!

Your personal membership page

Instant access to the course material and ongoing lessons with all information in one place. Easy to find – easy to use.

Your own accountability group

In our private Facebook course group, I will not only answer your questions but you will also get plenty of support from the other members. Share your struggles and share your successes!

Is this for me?

You might ask yourself do I really need this course? Aren’t all the information I need out there on the internet, Facebook, or Instagram and I just need to apply them?

Yes and No.

Yes, all the information is out there. But so is a lot of contradictory, confusing, or simply false information. This course not only provides you with the latest, scientifically validated information in a way that is easy to digest. It also explains, which of this information is relevant for you and why (or why not).

So the answer is:

  • Yes, if you have already tried various diets or health trends and non of them have worked for you in the long run.
  • Yes, if you feel that the diet or exercise strategies that have worked well for you a few years ago don’t seem to work anymore.
  • Yes, if you feel overwhelmed by all the information around health, fitness, and menopause and wonder what is just good marketing and what is really relevant for you.
  • Yes, if you prefer a long-term sustainable change that comes naturally and easily and feels in line with your needs and your body.

The time is now!

Join the waiting list and save up to 20%

Spots are limited. Get 24-hour early access.

Join the Waiting List!